Write seven guidelines for job interviews.

Are you a working student? 

Then, you have already been on an interview. Getting a job requires one or more successful interviews. An interview is a good oriented, structural process of questioning and answering to achieve a purpose.

There is a difference between a job and a career. The type of interview that Chapter nine speaks of is the career seeking interview. However, not all interviews are job seeking interviews. The big question in the interview is,”What does each of us want as the major outcome of the interview?”

Remember that each step of the interview affects how you impress the other person and how effectively you accomplish what you want to do. In order to get the job, you must show how your training, background, experience, and talents are just what the organization needs.

As the interviewee, you are allowed to do 70% of the talking. Usually, you are answering questions but you are also allowed the opportunity to ask questions to learn more about the job. Questions serve two functions: to get objective information and to find subjective information.

the appendix on Interviewing. Write seven guidelines for job interviews. 

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