Write an essay on targeting epidermal growth factor receptor (egfr)

each paragraph contain 300 words at least

include 8-10 reference with Citing those in essay (be sure all references are in text writing cited )

Include Tables and Figures from Literature ( needed  3-4) with title  below

plagiarism must be 0%

here the  the topic of paragraph  u must be write about it and each one separate from others :

1-About EGFR and signaling with scheme of EGFR Signaling 

2-Write the EGFR mutation testing methods (Capillary or NGS)

3-Few company names ex., LabCorp, MAYO clinic etc.,

4-Show a scheme or histogram about mutations in Lung cancer

5-Write about mutation appears after the inhibitor therapy that is resistance mutations

6-Write about mutation present in EGFR codon 18-21 that kill cancer with inhibitor therapy that is sensitization mutations

the file i upload use it  for answers all this and short your time 🙂

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