Write a response(use point of view) 250 word

FIRST, read the “Point of View” document, Jackson’s “The Lottery,” and Moore’s “A Kids’ Guide to Divorce” (all three documents are linked below).

SECOND, post your responses on the following items in the “Point of View” forum:

  1. What point of view (POV) are these two stories told from?
  2. Why do you think the authors chose these POVs? (Consider: Why are these POVs effective/appropriate for these stories? How might the stories change if the authors had chosen different POVs?)

THIRD,  post at least ONE thoughtful response to a classmates’ original post. Focus your response on adding to the original poster’s thoughts on why the POV in Jackson’s or Moore’s stories are/are not effective. You can agree or disagree, so long as you’re adding a new or deeper perspective to the original poster’s thoughts. You can also play devil’s advocate again, as you did in a previous discussion forum.

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