World war 2 | World history homework help

Overy, Why the Allies Won Ch. 5, “Along a Good Road: The Invasion of France,” pages 134-179

Parker, The Second World War, Ch. 12, “Driving Back the Germans: North Africa, Italy, and Russia,” pages 185-194; Ch. 13, “D-Day and Victory in Europe,” pages 195-223


Essay 1:

Discuss the logistics and planning that went into the D-Day invasion and then assess how successful the Allies were in both securing a beachhead and then breaking out of Normandy. What aspects favored their success? What advantages did they have? What disadvantages? Utilizing a close reading of Overy, was there a way the Germans could have turned back the Allies once they were established on French soil? If so, how? What were their advantages or disadvantages? Be sure to discuss issues of strategy, supply, and types of forces available to each side (and how these were deployed). 

Essay 2:

In your assessment, what was the decisive factor in bringing about the collapse of Germany in 1945? Be sure to evaluate all the material you have studied to date on subjects such as the scope and nature of the Eastern Front, the impact of strategic bombing, the effects of the Allied invasion of France, and other such “big picture” events or developments.

Each essay should be of 2-3 pages.

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