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For an overview of the assignment, consult Magrino, p. 129. Read page 129 very carefully. The list of seven things the white paper should do gives a good overview of the challenge of the assignment.

Keep in mind, as well, that the white paper is also a brief and preliminary part of the project. It should do what it needs to do (again, look at that list) but not much more.


Final draft approximately 700–900 words.

12-pt serif font. Single-spaced. One-inch margins. Upload in .docx format.

Divided into at least three sections.  Each section should have a descriptive section heading.  (For more on the style and formatting requirements, see the White Paper slideshow.)


The main body of your submission should cite four or more sources and these should be listed in a References section at the end. 

Use at least one source for the problem and at least one for the paradigm.  Include at least two peer-reviewed expert (scholarly) sources. Having more than two scholarly source (and more than four sources) supporting your final draft is recommended for stronger white papers.

All sources included in your References must be used and cited in the body of the paper.

Use APA style for both the in-text citations (Links to an external site.) in your paragraphs and the References section (Links to an external site.) at the end of the white paper.

Quantitative Information

Include some quantitative information supporting the problem/motivation for the project. (For some projects, this may not be possible, or even make sense, but where it does, try to do so.)

For example: How quickly is the amount of space debris growing? How many satellites have been damaged? How much has this damage cost? What is the probability of a satellite being damaged?

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