Week 5 #2 | GEN 102 Digital Literacy for Life & the Workplace | Ashford University



Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum,

  • Select one of the articles listed in the Week 4 tab of the LibGuide. You may choose to skim through several of them before determining which one to use. The articles are lengthy and will be challenging to There will likely be language that is very unfamiliar to you.
  • Choose a reading strategy to help you read through the complete article. You may choose to switch strategies if the one you chose isn’t helpful for understanding this article.
  • Read the article in its entirety.



After reading your chosen article,

  • Reflect on what made the article challenging and what wasn’t as challenging.
  • Consider how well the strategy your chose worked or didn’t work.
  • Think about what other strategies might have helped you to read this article.



Share your experience with reading the article by addressing the following in at least 300 words:

  • Share the title of the article you chose and briefly summarize it.
  • Describe your plan before you started reading. Include the specific steps or strategies you intended to use and why.
  • Explain which strategies you actually used. How did you know if the strategy you chose was effective? How could you tell that a different strategy was needed?
  • Discuss how prepared you feel to read challenging materials in future courses and why.

Focus on the strategies. Next week you will discuss the experience of reading difficult material.

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