Week 2 art discussion | Education homework help


Identify a museum or specific work of art and explain why you would enjoy seeing and experiencing it in person.


Step 1. Imagine your instructor is hosting a contest to award you an all-expense-paid trip to see any museum or work of art you’ve never visited before. To make it more interesting for everyone, check out the discussion board to see what has already been featured, and try to pick something different.  Then research and gather information about what you want to visit.  To help you get started:

Step 2.  By Wednesday, write a post as your contest entry, being sure to include the following: 

  • In your own words, identify and describe the museum or work of art you want to visit and its location.
  • Explain why you want to experience it in person.  
  • (Optional) – Include a small image  
  • (Not Optional) –  Cite sources by including the author, date, title, and location at the bottom of your post.  

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