Watch + reflection paper | Psychology homework help

Please write up a short reflection paper on your feedback about the show/episode (In Treatment. – Jake and Amy week 1) It’s 2$ on Youtube (included in paper price) but if you have subscription on HULU/HBO MAX/ amazon prime 

1.5 page minimum 2 pages max

DUE: TUESDAY 6 PM PACIFIC TIME (Los angeles time)

Include the following answers;

1: Which generic counseling skills did you notice?

2: Did you notice a difference in the therapist example vs. the coach example we watched in class last week. (Iyanla) – Describe the differences you noticed

3: What were your overall thoughts about the therapist; what did you agree with?  what did you disagree with?

4: What were your thoughts about working with such a couple; would you enjoy it? would you be worried or concerned? Please elaborate.

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