Using the rope process in consumer relations | PREL 3001 – Principles of Public Relations | Walden University

The issues public relations professionals deal with are often complex. Frequently there may be gray areas or questions about related issues that require careful research and planning to address. For example, research on the negative side effects of a new drug might produce different findings. Different parties in an argument will structure pros and cons that, while truthful, will support only that organization’s argument. A powerful anecdote, though statistically insignificant, can generate questioning of carefully conducted scientific research.

In this Assignment, you will explore a situation that involves real estate development and historic preservation, two areas that can generate conflict and require sensitivity to and understanding of several sides of a question.

Imagine you are working with a historic preservation group whose mission includes supporting economic growth in the community. In a written document, complete the following:

  • Develop an outline consisting of the three or four major components, including message, for a newsletter targeted toward a group of property developers that wants to build on a historic site. Include a rationale for each component.
  • Write a 3- to 5-paragraph press release about the historic preservation group’s position on the issue. This press release will become a part of your Portfolio for the program.

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