Unequal health and race | Sociology homework help

Unequal Health and Race 

Part A

Read the three cases of health inequalities in urban areas (Epstein, Turney et al, and Klinenberg)(see the attachments), apply what you have learned to our local landscape. 

Focus on at least one local health disparity impacting a minority group. 

Explain the health disparity using the concepts used in readings (ex. accelerated aging; self efficacy; social isolation; social epidemiology….). 

What do you think can be done to ameliorate/fix the situation…? 

Remember to cite one reading in your answer (2 paragraphs, about 250 words).

Part B

In 1 paragraph (about 150 words), detail how place shape the mobility of residents featured in the video (20/20 Special – “Waiting on the World to Change: The Children of Camden.”)? 

Which perspective(s) can explain the situation in Camden, New Jersey and experiences of the residents featured in the episode? 

What social solutions (considering the readings) would you implement to change the situation of residents?

Video link: https://vimeo.com/49759014 

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