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After reading Chapter 1 & 2 of your textbook discussion A) four (4) reasons why a threat modeling framework is important? B) What are the four (4) questions that Adam Shostak Threat Modeling Framework seeks to answer? C) What is the first step in conducting threat modeling using Adam Shostak’s 4-Question framework?

Hint: Suggested Discussion Format to use.

A). Four Reasons why a Threat Modeling Framework is important

1. Reason # 1

2. Reason # 2

3. Reason # 3

4. Reason # 4

B). The four-question of Adam’s Framework are:

1. What …




C). The first step in Adam’s 4-question framework is ……

DQ requirement: 

APA Formatting Required. In-text citation required – e.g (Last Name, Year).  A list of URL is NOT an APA reference List. See APA manual for proper format.

Note that the requirement is to post your initial response no later than Thursday and you must post one additional post during the week (Sunday). I recommend your initial posting to be between 200-to-300 words. The replies to other students and the professor should range between 100-to-150 words. All initial posts must contain a properly formatted in-text citation and scholarly reference.

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