The thesis statement & annotated bibliography assignment


Before you start this assignment take the time to review the material in the Thesis & Annotated Bibliography For the Final Paper assignment link.

Choose one topic: 


Education and Latinx Youth

Changing Gender Roles

Culture, Identity, Race/Ethnicity

Why are Latinx studies important in the 21st century?

The format for your thesis statement and annotated bibliography should be organized in the following way:  

First, write a clear thesis statement.  The thesis statement tells the reader what your paper is about in a clear way.  It introduces the topic and explains why it is an important issue.   The length of the thesis statement should be a paragraph or slightly shorter. 

Second, the thesis statement should be followed by the annotated bibliography which should consist of the three readings you selected.  These articles should not be readings that I provided for the class.  When you cite the article, make sure to provide the full citation including the URL for the article or chapter so that I can easily find it.   Summarize each of the articles you selected.   An annotated bibliography is a bibliography that summarizes each article.   

After each summary describe why you chose this article.  In other words, why is this article important and how is it helpful in furthering your thinking about this subject?     

 In addition to the three outside readings, you may summarize  articles that I provided  for this class that you intend to include.  

 Research Resources:

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