The gospel of john : the visible bible

3 page essay

1. Your essay must be written in proper in English (not today’s phone text typing) 

2. What is your religion

3. How does this movie relate to your religion 

4. What signs, symbols, names do you recognize (there are several)

5. What city, region, country is this movie based

6. What ethnicity, race is dominant in the movie

7. Is the ethnicity, race similar to yours

8. Does the ethnicity and race affect your belief in this religion 

9. What language is usually spoken, heard, written for these people

10. Who are the lawmakers of these people 

to answers some of these questions in my POV

my religion is christian, i am hispanic (puerto rican). 

if you need anymore please let me know.

The essay is based on “The Gospel of John : The visible bible”

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