The boston massacre annotated bibliography research project done by

I need this project done about 12 pm in the afternoon my paper is due at 1pm  Monday not 2pm please. follow the instruction below and please no plagiarism whatsoever. I will add everything you will need below in the upload. No ratings until paper is done. I will pay half because I have been through some people on here that plagiarized. I will check myself. Please use the template down below as my teacher said. 

 On the night of March 5, 1770, American colonists attacked British soldiers in Boston, which resulted in the soldiers firing on the crowd and killing five of the colonists. This event became known as the Boston Massacre, a rallying point for colonists against the stationing and quartering of British troops throughout the colonies, and against the Townshend Acts, which the British soldiers were deployed to enforce. Many different accounts of this encounter are extant as John Adams successfully defended the British soldiers in court and thus had to depose numerous witnesses. 

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