Summaries and critique rough draft



  1. Read the two articles
  2. Summarize each article, remaining objective.
  3. Develop a thesis that clearly ​critiques​ ONE of the two article’s (the argument made in it)
  4. Write a critique that argues ​why​ you found the argument flawed or wrong, though you should also consider what strengths you found in it as well. In essence, you are arguing why​ the argument fails to persuade you personally.

Summaries (250 words each)

  • Include Author’s full name, “Title of Article,” Place of Publication, Date of publication
  • Clearly state the author’s claim.
  • Include all key points/reasons from the article
  • EVERY sentence references the author’s name or points out that the idea comes from him/her. Ex. She notes that…The author explains…Doe argues….

Critique( 700 words–final draft)

  • Introduces the article you disagree with (“Title,  Full Name of Author, author’s claim)
  • Thesis argues WHY you disagree with that author.
  • Each body paragraph introduces one idea/method of argumentation from the article and argues why you think the author’s point is wrong/flawed.
  • Each body paragraph provides evidence from the article itself that you use to argue why/how the author has a flawed point (why you disagree)
  • At some point, you address a strength of the article (you opposition) and analyze why it represents a strength. Make sure to end by analyzing why this doesn’t change your overall assessment of the article’s point.
  • All content is properly cited with necessary quote marks and parenthetical citations.
  • Work cited page

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