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For this assignment, imagine you are working as a Quality Consultant for Big Data organizations. You have been contracted by Logis-Study – a pharmaceutical test subject results and tracking application for large scale longitudinal studies.

Logis-Study is planning on creating a new application that will be used by researchers and scientists to access and contribute data to the system.

Logis-Study needs to be able to make updates to the system rapidly – new studies are often added and need to be able to quickly integrate with the larger system.

The CEO has a number of questions regarding Software Quality and Quality Management. She has contracted you do write a summary report for her.

She would like to know the following:

• Which development methodology should Logis-Study use?

• What are some of the Quality standards and do they need to be followed? Why or why not?

• What type of team should be hired (QA, QC, Testing) and why?

• Identify any quality costs and how/when the application testing should be performed.

Please create a summary report (2-3 pages) outlining your responses. The report should use appropriate business language and any references should follow the APA format.

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