Social media celebrity | English homework help

Choose a Twitter/Instagram/Twitch/YouTube celebrity. Not a celebrity with presence on these social media platforms (e.g. Dwayne The Rock Johnson), but someone who is a celebrity specifically on one of these platforms and thanks to them (e.g. Murad Osmann and Natalia Zakharova, the couple now famous for their hand-holding travel photography Look at how they started. Check out their feed, the history of their posts, of social interactions with their followers. Referring back to our readings and discussions on impression management and self-presentation online, analyze their online presence. Here are questions you should address, in the least: • What types of messages do they post the most? What types of content get the most responses? Do they have a specific style? At which point/with how many followers did they become a social influencer? What methods of self-presentation and online impression management are they using (i.e. how are they presenting their online identity)? • Who is their audience? How do they adapt their message to their audience? How do they interact with their subscribers? • How do they connect with their viewers? Analyze their verbal and nonverbal communication. • What are the challenges of becoming an influencer on YouTube/Instagram/Twitter/Twitch? • If you were to start working towards becoming a social influencer on the same platform and in the same field as your chosen celebrity, what lessons would you take from their social media work? What would you do differently? Explain how your different approach could draw in more followers. Your analysis needs to be: 1. Well thought-out, thorough. Detailed, but without unnecessary superfluity. 

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