Smgt 506 – research paper: topic selection/annotated bibliography | SMGT 506 – Economics and Financial Management of Sport | Liberty University

**** My topic:  Free Agency within Professional Sports (NBA, NFL & MLB) ****

Research Paper: Topic Selection/Annotated Bibliography Assignment



Throughout the course you will work on a formal research paper that will be submitted in three stages. The topic of the paper should be based on current issues and academic research in the economic and financial management of sport.

Before writing your Research Paper, you are required to identify a topic, research at least 3 peer-reviewed sources that will serve as the foundation of your paper and create an annotated bibliography. 

A good starting point for identifying a topic is the Jerry Falwell Library website, both the general search bar and the Sport, Event, and Tourism Management resources under the “Research Guides” tab. 


· Write a brief paragraph describing your research topic.

· For your Annotated Bibliography:

o Provide a full reference for each source using the most current edition of APA formatting.

o Summarize the main idea of each source in four to six sentences.  Include the purpose of the article, key findings, and any information related to the sampling and methodology.

o Relate the material found in each source to your research topic using an additional one to two sentences.

o Evaluate the background of the author(s) and the intended audience.

· The sources at this stage should be high quality, relevant articles from peer-reviewed academic journals or chapters from relevant edited textbooks. 

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