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Lit Review

My topic: Communication Accommodation Theory 

 Literature Review 

  • Exploration of current research relevant to course material
  • Application of textbook content
  • Development of research and writing skills

Directions: Draw on your five journal summaries on your communication topic.

Write a 5-7 page paper (do not count title page or reference list, and do not include an abstract page). Follow all APA guidelines. Paper must be double spaced, one inch margins, 12-point font, left justified text). For style, see an APA sample paper here

Carefully check that you have each piece of information outlined below. Your paper should follow this outline; use the topics in bold as your section headers. The paper is worth 200 pts:

  • Introduction – 20 pts – should be only a paragraph or two

Thesis (what is the main topic) – 5

Definition of concepts (if necessary, define the topic or other important terms)- 5 

Importance of topic (explain why the topic matters)- 5

Preview main points (be clear here, e.g. “this paper will address, A, B, and C…”) – 5

  • Review of Literature – 50 pts – Group your summaries together into two or three main ideas (use subheadings, talk about them in groups, not one by one). This will be 3-4 pages long. Do not use article titles or authors’ first names. See APA

Summary of all required articles (50 points – 10/article)

Clearly explain Variables studied, Methods used, and Results found

  • Evaluation and Synthesis of Research – (10 points) (In one or two paragraphs, talk about the articles all together… what are they saying? what remains unclear?) This should lead to the research question (next step)

Similarities / differences, Strength and weaknesses

What remains unanswered?

  • Proposed Research Question – (10 points) This is one simple sentence. 

Follows from review of literature/address unanswered ideas

Written clearly and concisely, logical

Testable, and does not make value judgments

  • Propose Two Hypothetical Ways to Answer RQ – (30 points/15 each) The two methods should be from two different chapters (8-11). More detail is better.

Clearly explain method one: Procedures, population or universe, measures, sample, etc.

Clearly explain method two Procedures, population or universe, measures, sample, etc.

Discussion of what was missing or unanswered in the articles you found, and how your proposed research can advance understanding beyond those. Suggest additional directions for future research beyond everything discussed

  • Reference list and in-text citations in APA – 20 pts
  • Writing style – 40 pts

Coherence in argument and organization – 10pts 

(group articles somehow – include subheadings)

Correct grammar, punctuation, syntax, spelling, etc. – 30pts

*Extra points may be deducted for incorrect paper length, or egregious errors in any category.



use quotations (avoid)

use the word “prove” (say show, support, etc.)

start sentence with numerals (write out)

use article titles

use authors’ first names

use first person (I, we, us, etc.)

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