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Each student will write two 2-3 page response papers based on course readings. The suggestion is that that one to two readings are selected. Students need to think of this as a discussion with the author and how they would “respond” to their article. Components of response paper include: 

i. summarize the main issues/content of the reading(s). The summary portion of the paper is only one paragraph that does NOT exceed half a page. 

ii. offer a well-reasoned critique of the article and discuss how your reading and reflecting expanded, changed or confirmed your thinking about the issue/topic. Consider: 

1. The main argument and if the author makes this clear in the article

2. Points that were unclear and should be elaborated upon

3. Statements that helped to change, expand or confirm your perspective and describe how

4. If you agree or disagree with the author’s perspective and why 

5. If any important pieces are omitted from the article, what they are, and why they should be included 

iii. pose questions that still remain for you based on your critical reflection of the reading.

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