Respond post to other classmate only need 2 paragraph

 In your reply post, discuss whether or not you would choose to have LASIK surgery for the vision problem that your classmate explained. In your opinion, do the benefits outweigh the risks? If you or someone close to you has experience with LASIK, you may choose to discuss that here. What made you/them decide to go through with the procedure? Or, what stopped you/them from pursuing LASIK as a treatment option? 

 Baylee Lindley Module 9 Discussion

LASIK surgery is greatly effective for Myopia. Myopia is also known as nearsightedness and is a condition where you can see close or nearby things clearly, but things in a distance are extremely blurry.  Myopia is commonly caused due to having a longer eyeball than the average person. What occurs in Myopia is the light rays focus in front of the retina which causes blurred vision in a distance. During the LASIK surgery, some tissue is removed from the eyes to allow the light to properly focus on the retina and back of the eye. Due to the removal of some tissues, the eye will become thinner and admitting more light to the eye and result in better and clearer vision.


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