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To prepare for our first class on Tuesday 9/3, please complete this BRIEF assignment. We will discuss this in class when we meet on Tuesday, 9/3.

Please write two paragraphs (no references are needed) and submit via NYU Classes > Assignments > Assignment 1A by 11:55 pm – Friday, 8/30:

1. Paragraph 1 – Identify one thing you are interested in (related to your course of study here at NYU) that you want to know more about, explain why you are interested in it, and discuss why this area of interest is important.

Use the two documents below: the list of 150 possible research topics or the research topics that research faculty are interested in from their bios. Or you may produce your own research topic, but you must tie it to the grand challenges for the second paragraph.

2. Paragraph 2 – Identity which Grand Challenge (either Management or Engineering) this research topic relates to. Explain how are the two are related, the topic and the grand challenge.

The paragraphs must be at least 5 sentences long.  Grammar counts, so edit carefully. Use Word grammar checking, or Use the free Grammarly program via their website.

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