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PROMPT: write a 400-word response:

 Garofalo 1992: The writer argues that there is a significant relationship between the Civil Rights Movement and the popular music of the time (late 1950s-1960s). From your perspective, which examples and events from this reading stood out the most in supporting this statement?

Submit a Word document (no pdf’s) 

Format: 12-point font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins on all sides

Grading: Reading responses are marked like this:

100% Exciting! You followed the prompt and did the assignment well. I can tell that you did the reading and thought about it. Thanks for the effort!

50%   Bummer. You chose a reading outside of the prompt and/or did not give a full effort. I can tell that you misunderstood the reading. Your reflection is basic. The word count is under 400. 

0%     No submission.

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