Qualitative research analysis | Article writing homework help


  • Demonstrate that you have connected the proposed study to the literature that has been provided by appropriately citing and referencing the key scholarly works, and be sure that you demonstrate all three levels of presenting the literature, as discussed in Reviewing the Literature.
  • Use the template linked in Resources to complete this assignment. Include your name at the top of page 1.
    • Confirm that the individual components in the template are aligned with each other. This is particularly important with respect to alignment with the statement of the problem or opportunity, your research questions, research design, and your data collection methods.
  • Submit your paper and completed research plan template to your instructor in the assignment area—this preserves the integrity of your work.

Please use the qualitative research template document to address this assignment.( do not create a separate document). Fill the attached template and address the questions in that with respect to the three attached artilces.

You can use additional research to explain your point even better but your main focus should be the three attached documents

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