Project observation assignment: social/emotional development


Observation 3: Social/Emotional development – observe the child in a setting where social and emotional behaviors can be observed. Complete and submit by Sunday, 11/[email protected]:59 p.m.:

Social/Emotional Observation:

a. Complete a Running Record (pg. 8) during the observation.

 b. Pull out one incident/behavior from the running record to write an anecdotal record/note on the Anecdotal Note form (pg. 7).

 c. Document one (1) I Wonder statement on the form (page 18).

 d. Fill in the Developmental Indicator Summary Handout pg. 17 for the Social/Emotional domain.


  • Running Record,
  • Anecdotal Record,
  • One I Wonder statement (it’s okay to have only one on the sheet that you will submit),
  • Developmental Indicator Summary.

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