Prof writing & proposal devel(dsrt) new question


Do a little bit of research on grant writing versus academic (scholarly) writing. 


1) Write a one sentence statement that describes the difference in grant writing vs. scholarly writing.

2)  Copy and paste this link in your browser and read about local community grants from Wal-Mart. Type up your grant application using the link, copy  the online application and paste it in the discussion forum (screenshots are okay). The amount of the award ranges from $250 – $5,000 and the application is very short.  Please apply for this grant for your school or organization if you can. 

3) Research a need in your community and write a 300 word needs section in an academic writing style, citing your references in APA format. Copy and paste into the discussion forum. 

4) Write One paragraph describing the mock dissertation topic (see list of topics below) that you will write about in this class and include your research question. Use academic writing style and standard. There is no word limit. 

  • Note: Topics chosen in this course cannot be used in your actual dissertation that you will complete in the future.
  • Students must choose from the listed topics of their school/program:
    • Business Students:
      • How Corporate Policies And Practices Enhance Company Competitiveness
      • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and how it Affects Customer Loyalty
    • IT Students:
      • Enhancing Cyber Security In Healthcare -With The Help Of Machine Learning
      • Using Data Science Techniques To Enhance Data Security
    • Leadership / Educational Leadership Students:
      • Leadership Impact on Organizational Performance
      • The Influence of Visionary Leadership on Change Management and Implementation

5)  Reply to two other student’s posts. 

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