Practices in scm using bloomberg business week

I need by 9/30 by noon central time.  Please add copy of  article. I will add chapter 1 pp. 10-15 tonight.



Bloomberg Business Week (BW) is a very useful learning resource to keep you up with the current practices in cost/management accounting around the world.  Let’s share your learning from BW in our learning community. 

Please pick a recent article (less than 5 years) published in Bloomberg Business Week relative to the current practices/issues in SCM (Strategic Cost Management).  For a sample list of topic areas, please see pp. 10-15 in Chapter 1 of the textbook. This learning center has three activities: 1) posting your own topic; 2) responding to the discussions on your topic 




  – Synopsis of the Article (two or three paragraphs)

  – Full Content of the Article (or an online link to the article)

  – Relevance of the Article to SCM Literature (one or two paragraphs)

  – Questions/Issues to be Discussed (list at least three questions to be discussed)

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