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· PART 1:  Write a 2 page personal leadership philosophy that you would share with your staff.  A personal leadership philosophy should include an explanation of the core values you live by, what you can expect of the people you lead, what they can expect of you, and how you will evaluate their performance. 

· PART 2:  For the second part of this assignment, respond to the following (each response should be at least 1-page in length):  

o Describe three types of leadership traits/theories we have discussed in this course. 

o Assess and describe the leadership attributes of a famous leader in history that you admire.  Relate that leader’s characteristics and traits to leadership models and theories we have discussed in the course. 

o Can leadership be taught?  Explain your answer. 

o Imagine you are a chief operations officer at a large hospital that strives to be a high-reliability organization and you are leading the search to hire a senior healthcare administrator to manage a large department in the hospital that previously had poor leadership, morale is currently low, and performance and quality of care are suffering.  What skills, traits, attitudes, and experiences would you look for in a candidate?  Explain your answer.

Your paper should include a title page, introduction, body, conclusion, and reference page, per 6th edition of the APA Publication Manual.   At least 5 scholarly sources are required for Part 2 of this assignment.  Please review the rubric for additional expectations. 

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