Paper due 9.3.2020 @12 noon est

APA formatted paper 3-5 pages.

• A typical social greeting goes something like this, “Hi. How are you?” “I’m fine, how are you…” really, the question doesn’t really get a genuine response indicating how the person really is doing. Develop 2 alternative greetings to start a counseling session, and explain your choice of words – what is your intent? What are you hoping the client experiences? What is the tone you hope to set?

• Will you shake hands? Hug? If so, describe “how” you will do this. What kind of handshake or hug?

• What is the first impression you hope to project for clients meeting for the first time? How will you attempt to create this impression?

• What is your usual body language? Eye contact? Describe how you feel most comfortable when talking with someone as a counselor. What does it communicate? How would you like to change this? Why?

• How comfortable are you with silence?

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