Organizational negotiations | MGT445 Organizational Negotiations | University of Phoenix


Identify a negotiation situation that took place in one team member’s organization so for my situation we chose negotiang a new managers salary

Prepare a 15 to 20 minutes 12 to 15 slide presentation with speaker notes of at least 75 words each slide to includes the following:

  • Identify the constituents and agents, and describe their role in the negotiation process.
  • Identify cultural and audience impact on the negotiations (if any)
  • Describe two of three factors (power, influence, coalitions) that contributed to or supported the negotiation strategies, and analyze their effectiveness. 
  • Develop two or three additional factors (power, influence, coalitions) that could have been used to improve negotiation performance, and explain why these factors may or may not be more beneficial.
  • Describe the ethical approach practiced within the selected organization, and its impact on the negotiation process. 

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment

Prepare to deliver your presentation (note all team members must participate in the content and delivery of the presentation.)

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