Order 2303487: a true diary of a part time indian


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I need an essay that is well developed through not a lot of summary. The essay should get to the point about comparing the two worlds Arnold deals with in this novel. *Intro/ thesis Coping with adjusting to his lifestyle stuck between 2 worlds. White world and indian world *1 paragraph about his indian life ⁃ He was jumped on Halloween pg79 ⁃ Hit on the head with coins at basketball ⁃ Thought of as an Apple *2 paragraph “ white world” at Reardon school ⁃ racist attitude at reardon pg.56 ⁃ Rogers racist comment ⁃ Teacher Although things were rough in both environments and transformation for him, they got better * 3rd paragraph about the “ white world” and how it got better for him ⁃ he joins basketball and the coach really admired him pg.189 ⁃ Penelope, Gordy and Roger as his friends ⁃ They stick up for him pg. 175 *4th paragraph about Indian world, how it got better ⁃ people didn’t pick on him at the funeral page. 159 ⁃ Rowdy compliments him 229 * Conclusion, compare these adjustments and pull them all together.

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