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Applicants are required to provide a letter (maximum of 500 words) describing why they should be selected for the scholarship. As a reminder, preference for this scholarship will be given to those with financial need. In this letter, please describe: Your financial need and How you would use this scholarship money Preference will be given to students who demonstrate financial need. ISSO defines financial need as an unexpected or unavoidable change in finances that affects a student′s ability to be successful in their studies (ex. serious illness, family emergencies, political upheaval, currency devaluation, etc.) Important Factors about me:- Requires a little bit of research about India. Indian Rupee devaluing VS US Dollar Loan from India Working on Campus 20 hrs a week on minimum wage to make ends meet. The scholarship would be helpful in terms of lowering the burden of making ends meet. The money will be used to make more time for studies. You can add more things based on your experience of evaluating similar application papers.

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