Opportunity/macro trend report—-2 page due in 12 hrs

Viable ideas are often supported by sweeping macro trends within a given market.  Trends can be technical (ubiquitous spread of smartphones), political (decreasing fiscal spending on public schools), social (baby boomer demographic reaching retirement age), or economic (Chinese luxury good spending growing 30% per annum).  An idea’s probability of success increases when it is supported by multiple macro trends.  The 2-page Macro Trend Report should identify a start-up idea, explain the idea in detail, and place it in the context of at least two major trends. All reports must include footnoted citations. 

Below are the formatting guidelines for the macro trend paper: 

  • 2 pages (content)
  • Times New Roman size 12 font
  • Double spaced
  • 1 inch margins
  • Third page with references/bibliography. Use end notes in lieu of footnotes in order to maximize the space you have to flesh out your macro trends in the body of the text (first 2 pages).
  • Input your name and student id on the header so that you don’t waste any space in the body of the text.

Regarding how this will be graded – see rubric guidelines below: 

  1. Start-up idea (30%) – clarity of business idea and discussion of why idea is necessary/what is the unmet need for consumers? What is the vision? 
  2. Macro trend discussion (50%) – discussion of 2 to 4 macro trends undergirding start-up idea. In lieu of quantity of trends focus on a few trends and analyze them in-depth. Support your trends with data rather than anecdotal evidence. The best papers will incorporate concepts learned from class and also display creativity in the trends selected. Think critically and don’t just go for the obvious.
  3. Quality of writing (20%) – does the paper have a logical structure and is it well written? 

Keep in mind that 2 pages is not a lot of space. Be judicious and think critically about what are the most important points that you need to convey. This is a great exercise at learning how to edit down and construct a compelling argument – something you will also need to do for your final presentation. 

Final piece of advice, if you are still having trouble coming up with a start-up idea, start looking at things you are passionate about. As a consumer, what products/services do you wish you had access to but you don’t? Why don’t you have access to it now – is it that it doesn’t exist? are the current options too expensive? are the current options not functional enough? The best start-up ideas don’t necessarily have to disrupt an entire industry, but the one thing they all do is solve a consumer’s problem. 

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