Nutrition research paper topic: obesity among adolescents | Nutrition



Obesity among adolescents


The paper body will have a minimum length is 2400 words. (Max 2900). Single page in APA format is about 250-300 words per page. 

This does not include the title page or reference page. 

The paper is to be in APA format and grammatically correct. Use word count to ensure the paper is the proper length (Word count not number of pages will be checked)

Minimum of 8 different references are required, 5 of which must be peer reviewed. 

Nutrition Content Information 

(50% must cover relative nutritional aspects if clinical disease or general health topic is used.) 

Cohesiveness and relevance to topic

Use of citations and references: (45 points does not include format)

In Text citations** 20

References (see criteria below)***25

Format and Professionalism (grammar, etc) (55 points)

APA Format/grammar/etc 55 

***Please use the Pdf references that is attached, there are six that is attached*** thank you

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