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For your final project you will create a proposal for a New Media project. My idea is an app for homeless people where they can get real time info about nearby shelters, resources etc. 

 Below, I have listed the specific questions you should answer for each section. 


  1. Describe the issue/topic your project will address. Provide some history or background information about the issue / topic. For this section, you will need to do research and include specific references (book, academic paper or study, newspaper, website etc).
  2. Why is this issue / topic important? What do you want your audience to learn or realize from engaging with your project? 
  3. How has other media (new media or “old” media) portrayed or engaged with this topic? Describe three examples of other media that has dealt with this topic. Embed photos of and add links to the media you are describing.


  1. Describe your project in detail. What kind of new media or emerging media technology will it use? 
  2. Who is your audience? Be specific (don’t just say “everyone”). Why do you want to address this particular audience?
  3. How will the audience or user experience the project? Explain how people will interact, participate with and/or be immersed in the project. Where will the project be located / experienced? At home? Public space? An art gallery?
  4. What kind of aesthetic will your project have, or what will it look or sound like? Create or compile at least 4 images to give us an idea of what the project will look like or how it will be experienced. These images should be embedded in your blog post. The images can be in the form of:
  5. Hand drawn or digitally created sketches, original videos, audio or renderings/collages.
  6. Images, videos or audio from other projects that convey the kind of aesthetic you are looking to achieve (be sure to include a photo credit / link to the original media.)
  7. How will your project be different from the other media work that has been created around this issue / topic? (you should reference the examples you included in question #3)
  8. Why do you want to do this project? Why is the issue / topic important to you? How did you come up with the idea? What skills will you need to learn to create this project?
  9. Describe a specific institution, company, non-profit organization or other group that you could collaborate with to execute this project. 


Add a MLA style bibliography for the resources you used to answer questions 1-3, 7 & 10.

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