Music | English homework help

Choose ONE topic.  100 WORDS MAXIMUM.

1. Led Zeppelin’s live concerts have become mythical in stature as time moves on. What separates their performances from their studio albums? How did the band incorporate technical mastery and showmanship into a dominant live act? Who are their influences?

2. The term “Southern rock” initially did not represent a positive moniker for the groups associated with it. How did these groups flip it into a mass-marketing scheme? How does their version of blues-based rock differ from their British counterparts?

3. American blues-based rock acts such as Grand Funk Railroad, Edgar Winter, Three Dog Night and The Doobie Brothers all approached rock with different variations on blues rock. How did the prominence of FM radio help these acts gain popularity? How does FM radio differ in approach to AM radio? Is there a common thread between these groups?

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