Movie – intervention reflection paper

In the past few weeks, you practised observation skills by watching Invictus, a movie that tells “the inspiring true story of how Nelson Mandela joined forces with the captain of South Africa’s rugby team to help unite their country.”[1]. While watching the film, you were instructed to pay special attention to the factors relating to group dynamics for teams, which include but are not limited to

Team beginnings

Leader’s behaviours,

Communication Patterns,

Conflict resolution style,

Power styles,

Decision-making style,



You were also instructed to identify interventions developed by different leaders in the film.


Write a paper (750-800 words) to the following three questions:

Introduction: The introductory paragraph is usually brief (3-4 sentences). Simply introduce the theory or concepts in a general way. Include the leadership theory and theorist’s name and write a one-sentence summary of it. You might include when it was developed if this is relevant, and you might list the parts or categories. Be sure to include citations for any background information you use. End your introduction with your thesis statement.

Background: Write one fairly short paragraph to summarize the case or situation. The purpose of the summary is to provide the reader with the background. You don’t need to include details, and you don’t need information that is not relevant to your analysis. If you are analyzing a movie, you do not need to give the names of the director and producer and actors, and you don’t need to tell the entire plot. Simply introduce the situation and the context (where and when the story happens) and highlight the names of the main people involved. You do not need quotations or evidence in this paragraph because you are not proving anything.

In the body paragraph, you need to find a keyword/name/situation from the movie then integrate with leadership theory. Explain how the specific theoretical terms help you explain the problem or issue in the movie. Give details and draw out the keywords from both theory and case. Add a concluding sentence that uses keywords from the paragraph sentence and summarizes the idea of the paragraph.

Three body paragraphs including:

Which leadership intervention has impressed you the most?

How does a leader contribute to the development of this intervention?

If you were that leader, do you think you could or would want to develop a different intervention?

Conclusion The paragraph is brief (3-4 sentences). Just restate your thesis (in a new, fresh way) and any conclusions you have drawn. Do not make any recommendations or add any new pieces.

APA 7th ed. format

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