Motivation essay for college acceptance | bsc101 | AACSB Int’l–The Assoc. to Advance Collegiate Schools of Bus.

 One of the most important parts of your application is the motivation letter. Its goal is to introduce your background and support your application. In short, its goal is to answer the question:
“Why are you a suitable candidate?”

Write in a clear and logical manner: remember, the way you write and present yourself says a lot about you.

Some points that may help you answer this question:

  • Why have I chosen to apply to this programme ( make sure to talk about obtaining an IT degree because only degree this person has is bsc in Physics, having a master in IT for business analytics solidifies his IT background there by managerial opportunities , promotion, e.t.c)?

-this person is From Nigeria, 32 years old , needs to get a masters IT degree for better Job opportunities in Home country (Nigeria)

– name of school : IBS International Business School

– country of school – Hungary , budapest

-website school -

-name of degree applying to : IT for business data analytics

-semester applying for  : February 8 2021

– this person has background in IT for 4 years, Bsc in  physics,5 years as a business analyst)

  • What do I expect to gain from my studies?
  • Why does my background make me a suitable candidate? 
  • How will the programme help me to achieve my goals?

 write at least 1500 characters, but not more than 4000 characters.


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