Mont blanc | English homework help

Mont blanc | English homework help



  • THIS IS A LONGER VERSION OF THE “MONT BLANC” QUESTION ABOVE, SO, if you responded to that one, do Not respond to this one in relation to “Mont Blanc.” Take one of the long poems we read this semester thus far (“Mont Blanc,” “The Eve of St. Agnes,” “Christabel,” “Ode: Intimations of Immortality”), and find as many connections/similarities to other poems by each of the other poets as you can. (This was for you, Meg.)
  • Write a brief sequel to each of the following poems: “Christabel,” “The Eve of St. Agnes,” “Nutting,” “Darkness.” You can do this in poetry or as a narrative.
  • Making specific references to quotes and themes/motifs/images from some poetry by EACH of these poets, describe WHICH is your favorite and why.
  • Rewrite one of the narrative poems as a musical inserting lyrics from popular songs today in spots in which they fit the character and plot. You can send a sound file for this, too, if you wish.
  • Only a few of the poems we’ve read this semester so far have dealt with women in any way whatsoever.  Nonetheless, take those poems we’ve read that do mention women, feature women, etc.,and craft for me an idea of what the Romantics poets thought of women. You need to look at Wordsworth’s Lucy poems, his sister Dorothy and daughter Annette as they “appear” in his poetry, Coleridge’s “Christabel,” Keats’ “The Eve of St. Agnes,” and “La Belle Dame Sans Merci,”  Byron’s poem “She Walks…,” etc.
  • You have found a PLACE in nature that is very important to you, and one
    day when you go there in your mind, you find all the Romantic poets we ‘ve studied so far this semester have already arrived. Each tells you what he “finds ” in this place. Narrate this experience. Don’t forget their love of solitude, their reverence for nature, their dislike of industrialization, materialism, etc. 
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