Module 7 – periodical report 7

Periodical Report 7

Periodical Report and analysis on the subject: “Project Manager Competencies.”

(minimum 200 words) – 50 points

Assignment is to write a periodical report and analysis prepared in MS Word format consisting of the following: 

a) Summary of topic

b) Why this article was chosen

c) Reader’s impression

d) Significance of article to the topic

e) How the article relates to the following Course Outcome:

” Discuss the importance of leadership and its role in effective project management.”

To write your report, you will need to use the Web (Web Quest) or library access to research related periodical journals and magazines.

Be prepared for didactic questions in the discussion area.

NOTES: The topic of the project is Project Manager Competencies. Find an article on Project Manager Competencies. Please check instructions and title this question as Module 7 – Periodical Report


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