Module 6 discussion | English homework help

Need Initial Post and two replies. MLA Format. I will post the replies later. No Plagiarism. Due in 18 hours

Post one paragraph that addresses the following: how do you define power? You may choose to consider personal power, societal power, institutional power, or governmental power. What is the responsibility that accompanies that power? Use one of the literary works from this week’s module to support your ideas. Use quotes and examples from the reading to support your ideas. Be sure to document the quotes with in-text citations. Be sure to respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. When responding to your classmates, you must address your postings to the person you are responding to on the discussion board. You must write in complete sentences using proper grammar rules.


In addition to the above texts, please, utilize the Library resources or the Internet search to read the following:

  • Raymond Carver, “Cathedral”
  • Linda Pastan, “Ethics”
  • John F. Kennedy, “Inaugural Address, January 20, 1961”
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. “I Have a Dream”

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