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 Task: Review the “old” Army Writing Guide (on blackboard) and discuss one real world example where unclear writing had an adverse effect on military personnel, systems, or strategy. Standards: One page, between 300 – 350 words, double spaced per the picture below Arial 12 font, normal 1’inch margins all around, with regular word spacing, and an intro, body, and conclusion paragraphs; see example on page 3. You must cite your sources and provide a Work Cited page using MLA Style; see example on page 4. Do not use more than two sentences of quotations as this prevents me from assessing your writing.  

 Source: 1. Army Writing Review and AR 25-50 Excerpts on ROTC Blackboard 2. The Real World – Use reputable sources i.e. Houston Chronicle, Times Magazine, Academic Journals, and History textbooks. No blogs, social media, the “History” Channel, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube (unless it’s an academic lecture given by a professor at a real college), or hearsay.  

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