Mhc6303 week 4 project instructions/ determine the root cause: 5 whys


In week 3, you identify the weakness (the area for improvement) that you wish to continue to work on for your Course Project Task 2 due in this week. In other words, you use the same healthcare setting, for instance ER, to continue and complete your Course Project Task 2 in week 4.

Below are the tasks to be completed in your Course Project Task 2.

  • Visit the following link:


  • Read the introduction to RCA.
  • Read the RCA process.
  • Conduct and report an RCA for the area of improvement you selected. Include in your analysis:
    • A diagram of the clinical or workflow process
    • A fishbone diagram of constraints
    • The steps for improvement, utilizing the five-whys tool
    • Suggested changes for making the improvement

Here examples of ER Workflow from AHRQ


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