Mental health treatment: psychotherapy | Psychology homework help


How to use Brief Interpersonal Psychotherapy Treatment to manage DEPRESSION. 

To meet this objective choose brief interpersonal psychotherapy and describe three studies on the effectiveness of the chosen model. The paper limit is 5 pages.

● Define the model chosen for the paper, choose three research studies on interpersonal psychotherapy treatment

● Cite the studies, describe the purpose, sample, methods, and findings

● Identify the population with respect to the disorder (was the study effective with patients with depression?)

● What specifically was measured as outcomes? Mood? Thoughts? Relationship improvement, etc.?

● Study Limitations? Are there cultural Implications regarding applying the findings?Were these stated?

● Why do you have confidence in the findings?

● How would you specifically use these findings in practice (i.e. for patients with which specific problems, issues)

This textbook also helpful in Chapter 11:  Dewan, M.J,. Steenbarger, B. N. & Greenberg, R.P. (2018).The art and science of brief psychotherapies (3rd edition). Washington, DC

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