Medical records laws in virginia

Then, locate the medical records laws in your state.  Use the following Findlaw site    I Live in Virginia (Links to an external site.)

Answer the following questions:

1.  Can the patient access their own medical records?

2.  Are there any records the patient cannot access?  If so, what  kind of medical records and why can’t the patient access them. 

3.  How does the patient get a copy of the medical records?

4.  Once the health care provider receives the request for medical  records, what must he or she do next?  Are there any time restrictions. 

5.  Do any privileges apply to the medical records?

6. Are there any mandatory reporting requirements?

7. Is a patient consent or/and waiver needed?

8.  Do insurance companies provided medical information?  Are there any special requirements they must comply with?

9.  Are there any provisions related to HIV/AIDS?

10.  Was there anything new you learned or found interesting?  

Submit your assignment in a Word document.  Use the correct APA citations.  

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