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Measurement Instruments

Using the article that you identified in the Unit 1 discussion which is below, complete the following:  

 Use this article that reference below and answer the questions below;

Cooper, P. K. (2017). Organizational Security Threats Related to Portable Data Storage Devices: Qualitative Exploratory Inquiry (Doctoral dissertation, University of Phoenix). Retrieved from

  • Identify and describe the survey instrument used in the article. Make sure you identify the variables that it measures and the scale that is used. Note: If you now find that your article did not use a survey, then you will need to find another article that does include a survey. (1para)
  • Describe the reliability statistics (for example, Cronbach’s alpha) reported in the article. Are the reliability results acceptable? Why? Why not? (1 para)
  • Identify the confirmatory factor analysis “goodness of fit” validity statistics reported in the article (such as CFI, GFI, AGFI, AIC, NFI, TLI, RSMEA, or chi-square). (1 para)
  • Are the “goodness of fit” results acceptable? Why? Why not?(1 para)
  • Support your discussion with credible references. (1para)
  • Format your post according to APA guidelines. 

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