Loving animals to death” – analytical activity


For this activity you’ll have to use a variety of skills to analyze and respond to the McWilliams essay, “Loving Animals to Death.”After the intro, the essay is divided into 6 labeled sections:I.The Food MovementII.The Omnivore’s ContradictionIII.Killing Them with KindnessIV.Writing Death Out of LifeV.What Else Is “Actually in Front of Us”?VI.“I Have This Thing for Cows”***As you read the essay, please complete the following tasks:For each section:1. Identify the section’s purpose within the broader context of the essay[student as reader/analyst]2. Evaluate how effectively the author has supported that section with evidence[student as reader/analyst]For two sections of your choice:3. Propose additional support for your section, as if you were revising it[student as writer]– You don’t need to provide the actual resource or link here.  Instead, you can provide an explanation of what types of sources or information you’d seek out to support the section. 4. Provide potential counters to McWilliams’ or his subjects’ reasoning[student as critic]– Same as above.***Please organize your response to this assignment by creating numbered sections for each of McWilliams’ sections.  You may copy and paste the above sections if you wish.

You need not be especially wordy for this activity.  I’m more interested in seeing evidence of your reasoning here, but if you need some room to explain your thinking, that’s fine too

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