Jazz to rock | Applied Sciences homework help

  • Discuss how rock influenced culture in the 1950s–1970s.

How did rock ’n’ roll reflect and influence American culture in the 1950s through 1970s? Focus on one subgenre (early rock, hippie rock, heavy metal etc). Your response should include how the chosen subgenre was a reaction to events in American history and how the music in turn affected American culture.

Why did the music happen?

What were the musicians responding to?

How did the chosen sub-genre reflect to feeling of the musicians?

Did the music have an effect on the listeners and how?


Write a response of at least 150 words. Use sources inside and outside of the ebook for research. Citation is NOT required.  You can submit the essay by writing it directly into the submission box, attaching a PDF file, or attaching a word.doc DO NOT POST YOUR ESSAY IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. YOU WILL BE PENALIZED FOR A SIGNIFICANT AMOUT OF PLAIGIARISM REPORTED.

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