Investigating a biome of interest.

Assignment : Investigating a biome of interest. 

We’re discussing biomes and ecosystems this week in class as we begin our discussion of Earth’s biophysical systems. To help understand what biomes are and how they function, select a biome, research it online, and answer the following six questions:

1.     Biome name?

2.     Where in the world does this biome exist? Provide the geographic description (location on earth using political boundaries) and the general latitude & longitude 

3.     What is the average annual precipitation and temperature? How does precipitation and temperature vary through the year? That is, what is the seasonality (if any) of these environmental factors? 

4.     Describe one plant that lives in this biome, and why it’s suited for this biome. 

5.     Describe one animal that lives in this biome, and why it’s suited for this biome.

6.     Discuss a current threat to this biome.

Grading criteria:

 Include a list of properly cited references (APA style preferred)

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