International accounting 2 page essay

Conduct your own research and provide a two-page essay on why adoption of IFRS 1 was met with controversy and how E&Ys (2019) good first-time adopter,Preview the document presented its statement of financial position and what alternatives were available.

Explain one of the exemptions in detail for example: Compound financial instruments IAS 32 Financial Instruments: Presentation requires an entity to split a compound financial instrument at inception into separate liability and equity components. If the liability component is no longer outstanding, retrospective application of IAS 32 involves separating two portions of equity. The first portion is in retained earnings and represents the cumulative interest accrued on the liability component. The other portion represents the original equity component. However, under this IFRS, a first-time adopter need not separate these two portions if the liability component is no longer outstanding at the date of transition to IFRSs.

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